Twenty Apps Every Android Photographer Should Have

Over the last five years, there is no doubt that Apples iPhone and iPad devices have dominated in the photoindustry. Not only did they constantlyreceivethe best applications first, but often times developers would only develop for IOS, leaving Android users out to dry. On top of this, there was a general mindset that if you wanted a smart device as a photographer, Apple was THE way to go. Times however are changingWhile Apple continues to producephenomenaldevices, they are no longer the only kids on the block. Googles Android software has made huge strides in the last three years and have caught up and arguably surpassed IOS devices in many ways. While I continue to use an Apple Desktop and Macbook Air, I have a Samsung Galaxy Nexus phone and an Asus Transformer Prime Android tablet. Both devices run the latest Android OS, ICS (Ice CreamSandwich). It is asleek, powerful and nearly fullycustomizableoperating system that is Androids first step in providing auniversal,polished and well oiled user experience with all Android devices.With Android maintaing a large lead over Apple with market share around the globe, more and more photographers are looking to Android as an alternative to an iPhone or iPad. I have put together a list of 20 must have applications for any photographer that uses Android devices. Some applications are photo specific while others are more general, butregardlessthey are all part of my every day experience.